This document describes a high-level framework,in terms of entities and functions that characterise autonomous system capabilitieswith an E2E(end-to-end)system perspective. Architectural considerations,associated with autonomous system capabilities,endowed with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Leaming (AVML)models of cognition and application are delineated as high-level requirements. The term”system” is an abstraction,which generalizes and subsumes details such as specific networks,protocols,and implementations,in terms of high-level requirements,perspectives,and insights.

The E2E system imbued with autonomoussystem capabilities consists of a virtualized environment,with network slicing as a foundational building-block,for the realization of flexible,granular,and optimized allocation of system resources,such as computing, networking,and storage,for enabling network automation,without human intervention.The application of assorted Al/ML models,facilitate autonomous system behaviours to suit diverse deployment arrangements